Your Indoor Cycling App

Monitor your training and save your progress

available on the App Store
Compatible with Keiser m3i
connection by bluetooth

Connect easily to the Keiser M3i and access App content by the main menu.

If you do not have a bike M3i Keiser, GOInd can use any bike. Just follow the instructions and enter the results manually at the end.

Analyse the results of your workout

with GOInd Extended

Save the results of your workout or FTHR Test with GOInd Extended.
Keiser M3i users can save results automatically and users of any other Indoor Cycling bikes can save manually.

Graph your results.
Customise your graphs by overlaying different variables such as Heart Rate, RPM and Power Output or graph them individually.

A new way to view workout results.
Numerical view displays average and maximum workout.
Graphic view displays your HR vs your training zones, your RPM’s and/or your Power output.